Bob's Biography



Bob was raised on a small 10 acre farm in southern New Jersey. The family raised chickens for eggs which were sold directly to customers in Woodbury, New Jersey, from circa 1948, through about 1965. The farm also produced strawberries, raspberries, sweet corn and gooseberries. Bob was very involved with all these operations from early childhood through high school when he left the farm for college

Pot Holders

1949 - Made and sold over 1000 pair of jersey loop potholders. $0.25 a pair or $0.15 each. All the funds less material went into savings.ployees and Bob. Triax expanded continuously through 1995, when there were about 100 families dependant upon TRIAX for employment and wages.

Garden Plowing

For the springs of 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, Bob would plow gardens for many of the Clarksboro homeowners. He used the family Farmall Cub tractor and was paid whatever the homeowner offered. They invariably paid more than Bob would charge so Bob and dad were very happy.


1953-1955 - Bob originally started with one hive as part of the Boy Scout beekeeping merit badge. The second season Bob bought five multiple super hives with money made by plowing gardens. Premium honey was graded for lightness in color and was very competitively priced at about $0.30 a pint. Bob planted buckwheat, pointed the hives toward local wild flowers and nearby woods, and developed very dark honey. This dark honey was sold to the egg customers (see farming above) as real honey and not the commercial light honey in the stores. Bob sold several thousand pints at about $1.25 a pint and the demand far outpaced the supply. Momma J. developed an allergy to bee stings and the bee business had to be sold. The profits were saved for college costs.

Space suits

1965-1967 During employment at United Nuclear Corp. in Hew Haven, Connecticut, Bob was in charge of making naval nuclear fuel assemblies. One of the operations required the operators to work in a pure argon atmosphere saturated with alcohol. United Nuclear could not buy any workable operator protective suits anywhere. Even the designers of the NASA Mercury and Gemini suits could not produce good suits. Rocket fuel handling full body protective suits failed due to alcohol exposure. Bob designed and made workable suits in his basement that worked better than expectations. He sold these suits to United Nuclear and expanded sales to Universal Cyclops in Pittsburgh who successfully used the suits for welding operators inside large argon filled assembly rooms. Garrisue Industries, Inc. was established and incorporated to assist the expanding business. Bob then bid on a large contract with Oak Ridge for plutonium handling. Bob made the only workable sample that was required with the bid. However, the government did not want to risk the project with the key device being made in the basement of one person. The government gave the design to a large company to supply the product at a higher price.


1974-1998 - Bob started a general metal fabrication “C” Corporation business in the recession of 1974. He started with leased business (the operating company F. A. Long Co.), equipment, buildings and inventory (yes, inventory can be leased if done carefully). Working capital was form Bob’s paycheck savings and no bank financing was available for two years. The business started with three full time em

In 1996, Bob started to downsize TRIAX. The last part of the company was sold through bankruptcy in 1998. During the 24 years of TRIAX and through the bankruptcy, there was never a missed payroll, late or unpaid taxes, late bank payments or any loss to a secured creditor.

Jackson International, Inc.

1990 to present - This corporation was started in 1990, and sub chapter “S” incorporated in 1993. The primary purpose was to assist TRIAX and other companies for international import and export business. Exports were to countries such as China, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Hungary and Mexico. Imports were primarily from China. Manufacturing of freight rail car parts was started in 2006, and is done in a 30,000 sq ft facility in Constantine, Michigan, serving all of the US, Mexico and Canada.

Bob is a Proven Businessman and Job Creator

Innovations documented with patents by Bob

Greaseless Fulcrum for Railcar Door
6,807,774 – USA 10/26/04

Dual Pawls for Railcar door operation
6,659,018 – USA 12/9/03

Greaseless Railcar Door Hanger Assembly
6,647,896 – USA 11/18/03

Railcar Handbrake
6,397,978 – USA 1/4/02
782,502 – Australia 8/4/05
201/7595 – South Africa 5/29/02
ZL 01133069.4 - China 8/15/2007

Railcar Pendulum Brake Beam
6,273,219 – USA 8/14/01

Railcar Braking Mechanism
5,785,159 – USA 7/28/98

Anti-Rotation Member for Railcar Brake Beam
5,456,337 – USA 10/10/95
95/0263 – South Africa 2/28/98
ZL94108719.0 – China 1/13/01

Intermodal Shipping Securing Device
5,613,814 – USA 3/25/97

Railcar Brake System
5,259,485 – USA 11/9/93

Railcar Brake Beam
5,000,298 – USA 3/19/91

Interconnecting Container Lock
4,641,399 – USA 2/10/87

Bob's Employment History

Paulsboro Record – Reporter for East Greenwich circa 1955

Summer 1957 - Del Monte canning house – Swedesboro, NJ
Quality control, 12 hr. days, 7 days a week normal

Summer 1958 & 1959 – Philadelphia Navy Yard
Student trainee, metallurgical assistant

Summer 1960 – Alan Wood Steel Co. – Near Philadelphia, PA – Steel producer
Assistant metallurgist – Major temper rolling process improvement

1961 – 1962 – ACF Industries - Albuquerque, NM – Nuclear weapons mfg.
Metallurgist – “Q” security clearance
Redefined heat treatment for 6061 aluminum
Developed welding process for titanium alloys

1962 – 1963 – Superior Tube Co
Senior Engineer – “L” security clearance
Developed new processes for naval nuclear reactor control rods

1964 – 1969 – United Nuclear – New Haven, CT – Naval nuclear reactor mfg
1964 - Senior Engineer
1965 - Welding Superintendent (promotion)
1966 - Production Engineering Manager (promotion)
1968 - Project Manager (promotion)

1969-1970 - Elwwood Ivins Tube Co. – Horsham, PA -

Steel and stainless tubing redraw Mill (Ref Bob’s tubing patent)
P & L Plant Manager

1971 - Olin Corp, Alton Il – Ordinance and air bag manufacturer
Technical Specialist

1972 - Abbery Steel Co, Perth Amboy, NJ
Plant Manager - Bob wanted to buy Abbery Steel but had insufficient funds

1973 – 1974 - Graver Tank – East Chicago IN

Huge refinery tanks and commercial nuclear plant construction.
Manufacturing Manager – Resigned to start TRIAX

1974 to present

The above history was for employment for wages. Since 1974, all of Bob’s income has been from TRIAX and Jackson International as the owner and operator. See the Entrepreneur section. From 1998 to 2003, Bob was also the Chief Engineer for YSD Industries to facilitate the sale of TRIAX to YSD Industries.

Bob Jackson Boy Scout Record

6/1/51 through 5/31/54 – Registered with Troop 59, Clarksboro, NJ

6/1/54 Through 5/31/57 – Registered with Explorer Post 159, Clarksboro, NJ

10/24/52 Second Class
11/21/52 First Class
11/29/52 Star Scout - First in Troop History
7/17/53 Life Scout - First in Troop History
3/14/54 God and Country Award - First in Troop History
8/12/54 Eagle Scout - First in Troop History
1/28/55 Bronze Palm - First in Troop History
2/29/56 Gold Palm - First in Troop History
Total of 33 merit badges earned

Leadership offices held:

Assistant Patrol Leader
Patrol Leader
Den Chief
Quarter Master
Senior Patrol Leader
Jr. Asst. Scout Master

1961 – Assistant Scoutmaster Albuquerque, NM
1963-64 – Scout Master, Collegeville, PA – Restarted an inactive troop
1986-87 - Cub Master, Hollywood School, Stevensville, MI (Started this Pack)
2002 – 2006 – Wabano District Chairman, SW MI Council (4 years Quality District)

Family Status

Bob was born September 23, 1939, to Ora Mae and James L. Jackson in Woodbury, New Jersey, and was raised on a small farm in Clarksboro, New Jersey

Married Barbara Ann Arndt on 8/30/75
BA Education 1969 – Western Michigan University
MA Education Leadership 1976 – Western Michigan University
English Teacher in rural Michigan setting 1969 – 1979
Homemaker – 1979-1998
1998 to 2009 - Certified English Teacher at an at-risk, urban high school - Now retired

Son – Scott

BA Education, Western Michigan University

MA Educational Leadership, Western Michigan University
Certified English and drama teacher at a rural, at-risk high school

Son – John

BS Mechanical Engineering, Michigan State
MBA, Business, Michigan State University
President and 49% owner of Jackson International, Inc.
Manufacturer of Railcar Components

Married Helen Sue Pfaffinger on 9/10/60
Helen’s parents were German immigrants
Divorced 8/6/69, one son, Thomas

Son - Thomas

Married - Judy - Homemaker
BS Business - Northwood University
Two daughters - Brandy and Theresa
Like his father, Thom is a proven innovator and family provider.

Awards and Community Recognition

8/8/77 - TRIAX Tube Co. (owned by Bob Jackson) Business Commendation – City of Benton Harbor City Council Resolution

1983 - Bob Jackson – Citizen of the Year – Benton Harbor Kiwanis Club

1983 - Bob Jackson – Engineer of the Year – Blossomland Chapter Michigan Society of Professional Engineers

10/17/83 - Bob Jackson Commendation – Benton Harbor City Commission

First business man to purchase a portion of a vacated foundry building

Prime recruiter of other businesses to buy Benton Harbor ind. property

Chairman of the Benton Harbor City Enterprise Zone (No Tax Zone)

5/23/84 - Recognition for donation of a complete X-Ray unit to the Davis Memorial Hospital in Georgetown, Guyana. - Seventh-Day Adventists

6/11/87 - 1987 Twin Cities Area Small Business Person of the Year – Twin Cities Chamber of Commerce

6/11/87 - Gold Award for 50% growth in three years - TRIAX Tube Co – Twin Cities Chamber of Commerce.

11/6/87 - Expansion Award – TRIAX Tube Co – Twin Cities Area Chamber of Commerce

7/15/91 - Special Tribute to TRIAX - Senate of the State Of Michigan – Recognized the US Chamber "Blue Chip" Award to TRIAX

1991 - U.S. Chamber of Commerce “Blue Chip” achievement award. One of four businesses recognized in Michigan

1992 - Golden Stake Award to Bob Jackson – Cornerstone Alliance, Council of Commerce and Community Development

1993 - Tigers Baseball Team Sponsor (1st Place) – Benton Harbor Little League

11/5/93 - Certificate of Award to TRIAX-DAVIS (owned by Bob Jackson) for job training – Berrien-Cass-Van Buren Private Industry Council.

1/24/94 1993 Platinum Stake Award to TRIAX Tube Co. for 100% Sales increase in 1993. – Cornerstone Alliance

1994 Fairplain Tigers Baseball Team Sponsor (1st Place) – Benton Harbor Little League

1995 Fairplain Baseball Team Sponsor (2nd Place) – Benton Harbor Little League

9/12/95 Certificate of Appreciation – The Air Brake Association.

9/15/97 Certificate of Appreciation – The Air Brake Association.

2006 Wabano District Chairman Service Award - Boy Scouts of America

Community Experience

Member – 32 years - First Church of God of St Joseph
Member - Missions Board - two years & Stephen Minister

Director – 10 years – Twin Cities Area Chamber of Commerce
Chairman – Enterprise Zone (No Tax Zone) Committee
Member – Legislative Committee

Director – 1 year – Cornerstone Alliance (Area Economic Development)

Delegate – 1 year – Governor’s Conference on Small Business

Chairman – 10 years – City of Benton Harbor Enterprise Zone (No Tax Zone) Council

Director – 2 years – Benton Harbor Businessmen’s Association

Member – 2 years – Benton Harbor City Venture Advisory Board

Director – 10 yrs – CETA, JTPA and finally the Tri-County Private Industry Council (PIC)

Federal Job Training and Placement Programs

Director – 2 years – NW Berrien County Sanitary Land Fill Authority

Member – 45 years – American Society of Metals

Member – 45 years – National Society of Professional Engineers

Member – 25 years - Michigan Society of Professional Engineers

Member – 10 years – Rotary International – Paul Harris Fellow
Member of several clubs from 1982 to present

Boy Scouts of America - Lifelong involvement

Candidate for Michigan 4th Congressional District – 1982 and 1984
Federal Elections Committee registered and reported
Withdrew before Republican primary vote


East Greenwich Grammar School, Clarksboro, NJ - 1953

Swedesboro High School, Swedesboro, NJ - 1957
Science award
Government major scholarship (unfunded after competitive acceptance)
Track letters – 880 racer and chinning record
Letter - Basketball Manager

Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, 1961
BS Metallurgical Engineering
Dorm Social Chairman, two years
Married senior year

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1968
MS Industrial Management

Registered Professional Engineer (PA, IN)

Bob Jackson’s Military Record

Registered 9/24/57 No. 28-20-39-451

Classified 2-S 11/5/57 (Student)

Classified 4-F 4/7/59 (Physical deferment after second Spinal fusion operation)

Bob had a spinal fusion his senior year in high school and missed almost ½ a year in class. He was home schooled for the almost 4 months of recuperation and made the honor roll for the semester and year. During the freshman year at college the fusion broke and Bob had a second spinal fusion between the freshman and sophomore college years. In spite of these setbacks Bob graduated as an engineer at the age of 21.

1957/58 One year (4 credits) ROTC – Lehigh University

Classified 3-A 8/6/63