Twenty-eighth Amendment (201X)

Establish two sovereign states from the United States of America

Section 1

The United States shall be replaced in its entirety as a sovereign state with two new independent sovereign states. One being the “United States” and one being the “American States”. The new United States will consist of 22 current states namely California, Connecticut, …. West Virginia, and Wisconsin and the District of Columbia. The new American States shall consist of 28 current states of Alabama, Alaska …. Virginia and Wyoming.

Section 2

The two new sovereign states shall incorporate the current United States Constitution in its entirety including all amendments and precedents. The new American States Constitution shall be modified in three areas. All reference to the “United States” will be replaced with “American States”. Section 8 – Powers of Congress – After the words “for the common Defence and general welfare of the United States” add “with individual welfare under the jurisdiction of the states”. Section? (Remove or modify the commerce clause)

Section 3

No states or federal laws or precedents shall be changed by this amendment. After the adoption of this amendment the new American States and the new United States shall interpret and amendment their respective constitutions independently as sovereign states.

Section 4

The current Federal Congress, Administration and Supreme Court shall exist for two years after the adoption of this amendment. The only powers of the continuation government shall be to divide all the federal assets, including the military, equally between the American States and the United States based on the population as recorded by the 2010 censes namely 45.6% to the American States and 54.4% to the new United States. Federally owned real property shall be owned by the new sovereign state that possesses it.

Section 5

The two new Supreme Courts will be reestablished as provided in the Constitution. The Circuit Court of Appeals will continue except the states of Alaska, Montana, Idaho, and Arizona will be reassigned to the 10 District and the states of Michigan, Ohio and West Virginia will be reassigned to the 3rddistrict. The federal courts will continue in the states previously authorized.

Section 6

All foreign treaties and other agreements in effect at the time of the adoption of this amendment shall remain in full force to the new American States and to the new United states. The new American States and the new United States may renegotiate or change any foreign agreement or treaty and establish mutual treaties as independent sovereign states.

Section 7

All citizens of the current United States shall have dual citizenship with the new American States and the new United States for five years after the adoption of this amendment after which they will be granted sole citizenship in the country of residence. For a period of five years a border state may succeed from either the new American States or the new United States and join the adjacent country by a two thirds vote of the state and a majority of the accepting country House and Senate. Residents of non state territories shall vote for independence or incorporation to either the new United States or the new American States.